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Our Founding

After working in schools for decades, Jen saw that today’s teens are facing challenges unlike what other generations have had to face. She founded Teen Talk Counseling in 2022 to help teens manage the overwhelming social and academic pressures of the times.

Teen Talk Counseling is a place where teens can learn ways to honor their feelings, find hope and process what they are experiencing. 

To learn more about how we support teens, explore our care options.

Our Team

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Jen is known for her approachable expertise. For over 20 years, she’s helped thousands of teens overcome challenges related to difficult emotions, motivation and family discord so they could go on to live healthier, more productive lives. With an undergraduate degree in education and a masters in Special Education and Counselor Education, she is a three time graduate of the University of Florida.


She began her career as a high school teacher for at-risk girls. She then went on to become a middle school teacher of students with special needs. For the past 18 years, she’s served as a school counselor and later became the director of her school’s counseling center.


She’s been recognized as the ‘Middle School Counselor of the Year’ by both Prince William County and the Virginia School Counselor Association. Beyond her professional experience,  Jen is a mother of two, so she knows the challenges many families are facing firsthand.

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Caitlin comes to us with eight years of experience as a school counselor, coupled with a remarkable 18-year background in teaching dance to adolescents. Her expertise extends to being an Adverse Childhood Experiences Interface Trainer, making her well-equipped to address various challenges that may arise. As a mom herself, Caitlin brings a unique blend of professional insight and personal understanding, having navigated the teenage years with her own two teenagers.

Caitlin is positive and proactive in her therapy approach. She is optimistic about the potential for change in everyone and assists clients in discovering the root causes of their concerns.  Using a teamwork-oriented method, she educates teens on healthy coping strategies and efficient emotional management techniques.

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Taylor brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to our team, with eight years of expertise in mental and behavioral health, crisis intervention, and management. His background spans across home, school, residential, and community settings, and he has previously worked as a Registered Behavioral Technician, Residential Treatment Center Case Manager, and Therapeutic Day Treatment Specialist. Currently serving as a School Counselor, Taylor is dedicated to providing holistic support to teens facing various issues.

Central to Taylor's approach is acceptance and mindfulness. Whether your teen is navigating personal challenges, seeking relationship support, or embarking on a transformative journey, Taylor extends a consistently compassionate welcome.

Our Mission

Teen Talk’s mission is to help youth develop healthy relationships, gain resiliency through hardships and achieve a well-balanced life.  

Teen Talk Framework

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